Policy for interactions between SASCRO and SACO

Policy for interactions between SASCRO and the Scientific and Local Organizing Committee for the SA Congress of Oncology (SACO)

  • SACO is a new meeting as of 2019. Its arrangements are informed by prior SASCRO – SASMO meetings.
  • The success of the meeting depends on the work done by the Scientific and Local Organizing Committee. We recognise they will often need to make decisions in real time based on their merits. We also recognize that they have full autonomy to make academic decisions related to the program based on merit.
  • The SASCRO Committee and Chair has the final responsibility for the meeting. SASCRO Committee and Chair should be kept reasonably informed of developments in line with the principles of organizational governance. They have a particular interest in decisions which influence SASCRO’s relationship with outside organizations and have significant financial implications.
    The SASCRO Committee and its Chair welcomes the opportunity to make recommendations for consideration.
  • We note that it would be ideal to have further guidelines and we would welcome their development. However, we are all volunteers and in the absence of set guidelines, we will function by embracing collegial communication around our aims.