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April 10, In the SASCRO Orbit: No 25 - SAJO Q1

    • About:The journal provides an academic voice for oncology in our region. The journal was an initiative of SASCRO who sponsor it. The affiliated Societies are SASCRO, SACCSG, SAAMBP and SACHaS.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.25

April 7, In the SASCRO Orbit: No 24 - Annual census of Clinical and Radiation Oncologists

    • About:Since 2016, SASCRO has conducted an annual census of Clinical and Radiation Oncologists (Rad Onc), as well as of Medical Oncologists (Med Onc) who treat solid tumours.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.24

February 19, In the SASCRO Orbit: No 23 - IORT

    • About:The aim of lumpectomy and post-operative irradiation for selected patient with early breast cancer is preservation of the breast while ensuring no increase in the local recurrence rate compared with total mastectomy.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.23

February 13, In the SASCRO Orbit: No 22 - Alicia Sherriff appointed as Adjunct Professor

    • About:I'm delighted to report that Alicia Sherriff has been appointed as an Adjunct Professor at the University of the Free State.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.22

November 13, In the SASCRO Orbit: No 21 - Part 2 exams of the College of Radiation Oncologists of South Africa

    • About:Part 2 exams of the College of Radiation Oncologists of South Africa took place in Pretoria in October 2017.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.21

October 27, In the SASCRO Orbit: No 20 - 1st meeting of the new SASCRO Executive Committee

    • About:The first meeting of the new SASCRO executive committee took place in October of this year.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.20

August 28, In the SASCRO Orbit: No 19 - Next Combined Oncology Congress - 9-11 Aug 19

    • About:Our next Oncology Congress will take place from the 9-11 August 2019. The meeting is to be called the SA Congress of Oncology (SACO).
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.19

August 17, No.18: In the SASCRO Orbit: - SASCRO Committee 2017

May 29, No.17: In the SASCRO Orbit - College of Radiation Oncologists and Exams Update

    • About:The OSCE and oral exams of the Part II of the FC Rad Onc (SA) were hosted at the University of Free State in May 2017. There are 7 new graduates and SASCRO is pleased to congratulate them.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.17

May 4, No.16: In the SASCRO Orbit - Radiation Oncology Appointments

April 17, No.15: In the SASCRO Orbit - Good start for SAJO

    • About:It’s time for a little celebration at the good start made by SA Journal of Oncology - Cheers! Our aim is to have 12 peer-reviewed articles published per year. I am pleased to say that as we enter the second quarter of the year, we have 7 articles which have passed peer-review and are either published or in press and 1 which is undergoing revision...
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.15

Mar. 17, No.14: In the SASCRO Orbit - Next Generation Photodynamic Therapy

    • About:There are commercial Institutions promoting so-called Next Generation Photodynamic Therapy (NGPDT). They claim to be able to effectively treat patients with widespread metastatic disease using oral PDT and external application of a light source...
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.14

Mar. 17, No.13: In the SASCRO Orbit - Number of Rad Onc in SA

    • About:We can be proud that Clinical and Radiation Oncologists (Rad Onc’s) provide the large bulk of non-surgical treatment for patients with solid tumours in South Africa. They comprise 87% (180/207) of Oncologists caring for patients with solid tumours. ...
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.13

Feb. 17, No.12: In the SASCRO Orbit - Website Update

    • About:I am delighted to let you know that Sudeshen Naidoo (Private Sector) and Zainab Mohamed (Academic Sector) have kindly agreed to jointly mange the Events and Jobs Section of the SASCRO Website...
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.12

Jan. 17, No.11: In the SASCRO Orbit - Trans Oral Robotic Surgery

    • About:There was a prominent advertisement in the SAMJ in November 2016 for Trans Oral Robotic Surgery (TORS).
      Two of our members complained that it was misleading as the advertisement included a statement that TORS would minimise or eliminate the need for chemo-radiation after surgery in the head and neck region...
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.11

Jan. 17, No.10: In the SASCRO Orbit - ESMO Meeting in Cape Town

    • About:We get 2017 off to an excellent academic start with the high level ESMO Summit in Cape Town from 10 to 12 Feb. The meeting is endorsed by SASCRO...
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.10

Dec. 16, No.9: In the SASCRO Orbit - Alicia Sherriff appointed HOD at UFS

    • About:I am delighted to let you know that Alicia Sherriff has been appointed Head of Oncotherapy at the University of Free State.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.9

Nov. 16, No.8: In the SASCRO Orbit - Update on College of Rad Onc’s (SA)

    • About:The OSCE/oral exams were hosted by Prof Jeannette Parkes and her team at the University of Cape Town this October. We thank them and congratulate the 10 new graduates.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.8

Nov. 16, No.7: In the SASCRO Orbit - Launch of SAJO

    • About:I am delighted that the SA Journal of Oncology (SAJO), has been launched. We do justice to our academic work through publications and add value to our Oncology community.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.7

Oct. 16, No.6: In the SASCRO Orbit - New SASCRO Website

    • About:I am delighted to let you know that the SASCRO website has been revised with the aim of making it clearer and more useful to SASCRO members.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.6

Aug. 16, No.5: In the SASCRO Orbit - Intention to launch SAJO

    • About:I am delighted to let you know that SASCRO will soon be launching a peer-reviewed journal called the South African Journal of Oncology (SAJO).
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.5

Jun. 16, No.4: In the SACRO Orbit - NHI meeting feedback on certification...

    • About:The NHI held a consultative meeting on certification and the purchasing of services from private providers, on the 30 May at Centurion. Dr Wilhelm van Zijl kindly attended the meeting on behalf of the SASCRO Committee. The meeting was well attended.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.4

Apr. 16, No.3: In the SASCRO Orbit - Administration of Unsealed Radio-Active Sources

    • About:SASCRO support the multi-disciplinary team (MDT) approach to cancer treatment in general and also specifically when administering unsealed radio-active sources.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.3

Jan. 16, No.2: In the SASCRO Orbit - Co-option of 2 Members to SASCRO Committee

    • About:The SASCRO Committee can co-opt 2 members in terms of SAMA regulations and we have co-opted 1 member from the private and 1 from the State sector – as put forward by the representatives of the Private and State Sector respectively.
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.2

Oct. 15, No.1: In the SASCRO Orbit - Activities of SASCRO – New SASCRO Committee and Future Plans

    • About:The first meeting of the new SASCRO Committee took place on Monday 12 October. Below are notes about some of the activities of the SASCRO Committee for information of full SASCRO members...
    • Download:In the SASCRO Orbit: No.1

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