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SASCRO Statement on Prostate Radioactive Ligand Therapy - 28 March 2018

SASCRO Statement on IORT - February 2018

    • About:The aim of lumpectomy and post-operative irradiation for selected patient with early breast cancer is preservation of the breast while ensuring no increase in the local recurrence rate compared with total mastectomy.
    • Date:February 2018
    • Download:SASCRO Statement on IORT

SASCRO Statement on Unsealed Radio-Active Isotopes - April 2016

    • About:Unsealed radio-active isotopes may be used to treat selected patients with cancer, for example, patients with cancer of the thyroid, prostate and neuro-endocrine tumours. With reference to their training, education and scopes of practice and the law, only Radiation Oncologists and Nuclear Physicians may administer unsealed radio-active isotopes to patients.
    • Date:April 2016
    • Download:SASCRO Statement on Unsealed Radio-Active Isotopes

SASCRO Endorsement of Meetings

    • About:SASCRO offers endorsements of academic meetings and allows the use of the SASCRO logo provided that the SASCRO has a representative as part of the planning committee for the meeting.
    • Download:SASCRO Endorsement of Meetings

Chemo Fee Rules - February 2017

Radiation Fee Rules - February 2017

SASCRO Statement on Itinerant Practice as it Relates to Prostate Seed Implants

    • About:SASCRO's view is that such radiation oncologists must deliver the exact same level of service as at their resident practice. It is SASCRO’s contention that Oncologists should personally consult with patients and do an independent assessment of such patients' suitability for such procedure. Such consultation should include a full explanation of all the possible treatment options in order to ensure that the patient is in a position to give full informed consent. SASCRO deems it inappropriate to order radio-active seeds for such procedure without the above having been done personally.
    • Download:SASCRO Statement on Itinerant Practice as it Relates to Prostate Seed Implants

SASCRO Guidelines for CPD Accreditation of Meetings

SASCRO Endorsed Audit Guidelines for Oncology Departments

SASCRO Statement on Photodynamic Therapy - April 2017

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