The South African Society of Clinical and Radiation Oncology

SASCRO is the South African Society for Clinical and Radiation Oncologists.

It represents Clinical and Radiation Oncologists practising in South Africa and promotes their cause at Medical aid schemes, industry and national medical authorities.

It promotes the care of cancer patients in South Africa in a multi-disciplinary milieu as well as the science of clinical and radiation oncology.

It seeks to contribute to a national perspective on patient care, research and teaching.

SASCRO AGM Nomination

Please download and complete the SASCRO Executive Nomination form below and return it to office@sascro.org or acoertze@abj.org.za by 29 November 2021.

Download the Nomination Form here.

SASCRO Statements

SASCRO Statement of the presence of Radiation Oncologist during administration of 8 Gy as a single fraction for palliation

The SASCRO Committee recognizes that importance of dose verification by medical physics in the administration of radiation therapy and takes note of DOH Group II licence agreements as below.

To read more, please download the full statement below.

Download the SASCRO statement here.

Dr Abdulhay Munshi

The South African Society for Clinical and Radiation Oncologists, SASCRO, is devastated and outraged at the murder on 16 September 2020 of Dr Abdulhay Munshi. We wish to extend our deepest condolences and sympathy to the family, friends and loved ones of our medical colleague.

Download the SASCRO statement here.


Clinical guide for the management of cancer patients during the coronavirus pandemic

17 March 2020 Version 1

As doctors we all have general responsibilities in relation to coronavirus and for these we should seek and act on national and local guidelines. Please click here to read the guidelines released by the NHS.

“Radiotherapy in a time of crisis”, ESTRO Presidents’ statement

Many radiotherapy centers throughout the world are confronted with the Covid-19 pandemic. This leads to unforeseen situations and stringent measures.

Read the article here.

COVID-19: Supporting oncology professionals

ESMO as the leading professional organisation for medical oncology, will continue to support oncology professionals as much as possible by helping them to deliver optimal care to their cancer patients in such exceptional circumstances.

Read the article here.


The Harvard Breast Radiation Oncology Program Survey

With the goal of assessing difference in breast radiation oncology practice patterns across the globe throughout COVID and its aftermath, the Harvard Breast Radiation Oncology program is conducting an international survey study of clinical cases that will assess the practice patterns within various countries around the globe.

The study aims to understand how the international practice patterns of radiation oncologists treating breast cancer patients have changed during the COVID pandemic, compared to pre-COVID era. With the information gained from this study, they seek to improve upon the adoption of evidence-based guidelines intended to inform breast radiation oncologists about their treatment-making decisions.The Harvard Breast Radiation Oncology program would hence like to invite all South African Radiation Oncologists to respond the survey. It is hoped that analysis of the survey results would begin on the week of August 10, 2020, so please try to submit your response prior to this.

To access the survey, please click the button below: