Who we are

Our website address is: http://sascro.org.


Our privacy policy is as follows:

Following the introduction of the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act (Act 04 of 2013), we would like to give you the opportunity to unsubscribe should you no longer wish to receive certain email communications from SASCRO.

Kindly note, however, that we are obliged, in law, to continue to communicate with you on matters related to your membership, such as membership fees and SASCRO constitutional issues (AGMs, SGMs, etc.).

We will not share the SASCRO database with any third party. Any SASRO activities, such as conferences, workshops, etc. will require of you to consent to, for example, sponsors contacting you.

For any SASCRO-organised or facilitated event, if you do wish to receive CPD points, your personal information will be collected and passed on to the HPCSA or other relevant CPD and skills development entities, in line with their legislated mandates in relation to education and training.

There may also be regulatory updates, underpinned by legislative obligations, such as “Dear Doctor” communications relating to medicines or medical devices, and we may be requested to assist in ensuring that such information is distributed, in the interest of patient safety.

Should you wish to unsubscribe, subject to the above conditions, please follow this link. Please note that you may unsubscribe at any time. 

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